Magickal Lady Duchess Is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Herbalist, Louisiana styled Conjurer, Universal Mystic. Singer, occult artist, traveler, forever a student, an Occult teacher, High Priestess and a helper of many.  As a Southern root worker and a devotee of Spiritualism, she embraces both left and right hands of magick. She believes in living an well balanced life using the natural elements of the Earth. To create a life of abundance and completion for anyone that reads and follows her work. Her chosen job is to remind us that thru our past pain and suffering can breed creativity and a foundation for a Healthy Abundance. She uses her time, skills, and energy to assist all that she can. She works to remind us and teach us to bring love, prosperity, healing abundance in our life in a permanent way. Reminding us that this life is just a journey that should be lived to the fullest and never stop breathing and learning.


Class includes rituals spells and healing, this class concentrates on removing root chakra blocks and teaching manifesting thru orgasms with a partner or alone. You will learn to use the sexual energy to manifest right along with conjuring. Honoring the Erotic Conjuring of awakening who we are as woman and men of Magick.Seduction is not about tricking somebody into having sex with you. Even if sex is all you want, seduction should be an art that benefits all. If you are looking to use people resentfully, treat them as objects and then discard them thoughtlessly, this is not for you.

There are four aspects to creating a safe container that allows for the full spectrum of experience of Sex Magick:

 1.  Intentions

2.  Boundaries

3.  Fears

4.  Desires and Dreams

5. Women of the Bible and Tricks Laid

6. Orgasms

 This is a in depth class all about Conjuring, healing and using your most vulnerable energy making it the most powerful in Manifestation and Domination

Class will be held at Conjure New Orleans 605 Dumaine New Orleans, Louisiana

Class time 7:00 pm til 8:00 pm