Hoodoo Sen Moise was raised in Southern Conjure.  He was raised to honor the ancestors and was taught that their foundation is of the utmost importance.  He is also an Hougan Asogwe (high priest) in Haitian Vodou and spends time in Haiti each year.  He spends a good deal of time teaching Conjure and Vodou across the country and giving spiritual assistance to those in need.  He is a teacher, conjure man, spiritual father and root worker of both hands.  He resides in New Orleans, Louisiana and is the co-owner of Conjure New Orleans.

Tarot 101

 The tarot is one of the most popular methods of reading and divination around.  The 78 card deck holds in it many mysteries that have the potential to point directions, give insights and discover things to come.  There are two different ways to read the tarot,  by the book and by the spirit. In this class we will focus on the spirit side of how to read the tarot. This way of reading is a potent way of reading and divination.

 Join Hoodoo Sen Moise as he teaches how to read the tarot, gives insights into the art of divination and the flow of the spirit!  A class not to be missed!

                               Class will be held at Conjure New Orleans 605 Dumaine New Orleans, Louisiana

Class time 7:00 pm til 8:00 pm

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